Firstly thank you for visiting my website. I enjoy sharing my encounters with mother nature in her most beautiful and meanest forms through my photography.

My passion for this art started when I was introduced to a photography class in high school. I started with film, which was fun, but the versatility of digital photography fascinated me more. I loved the flexibility and the amount of creativity that could be applied. To advance in my passion, during my freshmen year in college I saved up some money to buy myself a used Canon DSLR and a cheap lens. That’s when things really took off.

I started to shoot more, went on more trips and loved it more than anything. It was on my first lone trip that I really joined hands with nature. The peace and serenity that one experiences with nature is just magical. That was the driving force for my photography.

I want to explore and capture some of the most magical places this planet has to offer. Through my lens I want you to have a similar jaw dropping experience as I had when I visited these places.

These are some of my main accomplishments:

- 1st Place, 2014 Arizona Highways photo contest.

- 1st Place, 2010 Arizona Highways photo contest.

- My image "Spot-lit sand falls" chosen as one of the 50 best photos ever published in the history of Arizona Highways Magazine.

- Grand Prize winner, 2009 Canon Photography in the Parks Photo Contest.

Thank you again for visiting my website! You can follow me on Flickr and on my Facebook fan page.

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